Every person can take action to make a change for good.

 Your contribution makes a difference in the lives of

 50 children living at Aldea orphanage and advances our work 

 to renovate, open, and manage Hogar Hermelinda, a residential  and educational support home for young women.

                                                        Thank you! ~ POP

Another way to Give:

Make a Donation in Honor

 Celebrate someone by making a donation in their honor.

 The  Peruvian Outreach Project will send that special someone

 a card  detailing how your gift in their name positively impacts

 children and  continues POP's work through our 2 priority projects: 


     * Enhancing the lives of children living in the Aldea

       Infantil Virgen del Pilar orphanage in Tarapoto, Peru


     * Developing and managing Hogar Hermelinda, residence

        & educational support for young women in Tarapoto, Peru

       (Planned opening in 2022!)


Honor Card "A"


Honor Card "B"


Honor Card "C"


 Honor Card text:

 Dear Friend,

 A gift has been made in your honor to the Peruvian Outreach Project (POP). Our work at POP enhances the lives of vulnerable children  and youth living in the San Martin Department of Peru. POP has been doing good work at the Aldea Infantil Virgen del Pilar orphanage

 in  Tarapoto, Peru, since 2018.

 POP is also working to open Hogar Hermelinda -- a residential support for young women who are furthering their education. Generous  donations like this have enabled us to build a health clinic at Aldea to protect the children and combat the COVID-19 virus. POP has

 re-opened a bakery on site, and built beautiful gardens to improve nutrition. This summer, POP will replace old and broken playground  equipment at the orphanage. This gift will bring joy to 50 children living at Aldea and they will know they are loved.                                Thank you!

 ~ The Peruvian Outreach Project